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Case-insensitive Tag Sorting on GitHub Pages

August 12, 2017

GitHub Pages famously does not support the sort_natural filter from the Liquid templating language used by Jekyll. So some chicanery is needed to get a list of tags sorted without regard to case.

I haven't seen a complete solution on the internet which satisfied me. Originally I settled on the partial solution by codeinfox: But I realized we could do better with a little effort.

The resulting code is being used by this blog and is therefore available on GitHub: tags.html. At a high level, we do the following. First, create a list of all the tags from all the posts (rawtags). Second, remove duplicates and blanks (alltags). Next, convert to lowercase and sort (lowertags). Then build a new list of tags by iterating over lowertags and picking the un-lowercased version of the tag from alltags.

It's not super-efficient (O(n^2) but since it's a static site generator I can live with it.